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Traffic4kids website

Augmented reality playing cards that needed a fun and informational website

Traffic4kids are fun and educational set of playing cards for kids, that uses augmented reality mobile app, to make those playing cards interactive and more fun. And to make all that easy to understand and give all important information to users and buyers, we made them fun and cute website that gives all needed information in a single sliding page. Give it a look and we are sure you will love it as well! 
All elements on site have been custom designed and made specifically for this website.

Visit Trafic4kids website:

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Augmented reality Exhibit website

Website for a young artist who makes digital augmented reality art.

To help young artist Martina, to promote her art, we made her slick one-page website that gives visitor great overview about her art, technology used for it and options to download mobile apps that help bring her artwork to life. Visit her website and try out her app and her amazing living augmented reality images! 

Visit AR- Exhibit website:

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Big Planet Media website

Our own website is a great example of website for service providers

Our own website is one great example how a modern and user friendly website can help grow your business and convey your message to your customers. And your message is key to your business so make sure it get’s to right people in a right way! And brand new, modern, effective and user friendly website is first and most important step in that direction.

You are on our website, so explore it a bit to get general idea what we can do for you!

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DD3D Studio website

Website made for 3D visualization company DD3D Studio.

Website for DD3D Studio was made in way to highlight studios amazing 3D animations and visualizations. And since they have a wide verity of services, it was key to make them all presented and easily accessible. Since websites completion, company got many leads and projects based only on their online presence and quality of their website.

Visit DD3D Studio website: