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3D arhitectural visualizations

What kind of architectural projects can we make as 3D visualization?

Apartments, all sorts of buildings, houses, all types of interiors, hotels, amusement parks, nature parks, roads, parking lots, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, factories, medical facilities, public buildings, roads, highways and many more. 

If you have a project you would like us to help you with, please check the FAQ section at the bottom of this page, and then get in touch with us via our contact form on our CONTACT page.

Maritime 3D visualization

Beside visualizations of arhitectural projects, we can make 3D visualizations of all types of maritime vessels. From small boats, to private yachts, large cruisers, military ships and all the way to huge cargo ships. If it floats, we can visualize it! 
And it’s not only that we can make a nice exterior of your ship or a boat, but we will also make amazing looking interiors with all custom designs that are making your ship stand out from competition. 

And with our 3D visualizations, you can get pre orders for your boats or ships, get early bookings for cruising, or sell your concept yacht much easier to potential buyers. 

If you have a project you would like us to help you with, please check the FAQ section at the bottom of this page, and then get in touch with us via our contact form on our CONTACT page.

Rental Promotion
Rental Promotion

Contact us!

Get in touch with us and we will surely find a way to assist you no matter what project you have in mind!

General questions

Making a 3D visualization is a process that hugely depends on the complexity of what you want to be visualized. Look at it in the same way as you would look at building a house; a single story 600 sq ft house will be much cheaper to build than a 3000 sq ft modern villa. It’s the same with 3D visualization; it comes down to work hours needed to make something and cost can have HUGE variations from project to project. 
So, in order to get an estimate, get in touch with us and send us some references or explanations of what you need, and we will get back to you with an estimate as soon as possible. 

To give you an estimate or to start working on your project, we need from you some kind of drawing, sketch, plans and/or written description of what you would need. We need something that will help us understand what you need to get visualized in order to give you an estimate.
And to start working on it, we will need any available drawings, plans, pictures, references and descriptions. 
Making a 3D visualization is a very visual process so anything you have available will help us and speed up the process. 

Sure! Having an existing 3D model will be a great help and will reduce time needed to finish your project, and reduce cost. But it’s not a guarantee that we will be able to use that 3D model “as it is”, because it depends on what software was used to make it originally, does it have materials compatible with our software (We use primary Autodesk 3DS Max) and is it 3D model suitable for use in 3D visualizations. But, even if we won’t be able to use it directly, having a 3D model will be a great reference for us to make a 3D model that we can use.

Yes! We keep all of our customers closely involved and informed about the project. We will keep you up-to-speed with regular email status updates, and if needed, we can arrange online meetings to discuss some parts of the project or if we would need your direct feedback. Keeping our clients up-to-speed is important because it saves time and reduces issues.

For all projects, we require some up-front payment (usually it’s 30%) and that is done after we sign the contract that defines scope of work, what is expected to be delivered as final product, cost and time frame for finishing the project.
Remaining payments can be done one time after project completion, or in two phases (middle of project and end).If a client agrees, there is also an option for 100% upfront payment, where we then give an extra discount of 10%.
Returning customers get 10% off on their next project done with us. 


3D visualization and 3D animation portfolio

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