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Exciting and complex 3D animation of Robotic Military System

BigPlanetMedia, in collaboration with DD3D Studio, proudly presents our latest project – a compelling 3D animation for DOK-ING’s groundbreaking Komodo. As a remarkable robotic military system, the Komodo is engineered to excel in extreme nuclear, biological, and chemical conditions, making it a unique and indispensable machine for operations in hazardous environments. Our mission was to showcase the Komodo’s exceptional capabilities through our expertise in 3D animation, delivering a visually immersive experience for potential clients and stakeholders.

Showcasing the Komodo
Robotic Military System

Versatility in Multiple Configurations: The Komodo’s ability to tackle a wide range of challenges demanded the display of its versatility. Through meticulous 3D animations, we unveiled the Komodo in various configurations, demonstrating how it seamlessly adapts to different scenarios. Whether it’s responding to natural disasters, handling military operations, or navigating hazardous terrain, the Komodo proved its mettle as a reliable and flexible robotic system.

Robotic Military System different configurations

Unraveling Functionality through Animation: Explaining the intricate workings of such a sophisticated machine required a dynamic approach. Our team of skilled 3D artists brought the Komodo to life through captivating animations, showcasing its components in action. From the advanced sensor technologies and intelligent AI algorithms to its robust mechanical prowess, each aspect of the Komodo’s functionality was visually presented with utmost clarity, providing a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities.

  • Effective Communication of High-Stakes Scenarios: The Komodo’s significance lies in its application in high-stakes and perilous situations. Our 3D animations depicted the robotic system’s exceptional performance during tasks like nuclear decontamination, bomb disposal, and chemical reconnaissance. By realistically portraying these critical scenarios, we effectively conveyed the superiority of the Komodo over traditional methods. The visual storytelling resonated strongly with DOK-ING’s target audience, including government agencies, military organizations, and industrial clients, fostering confidence in the Komodo’s unmatched capabilities.
  • Advancing Client Presentations and Bids: In the competitive world of military and defense contracting, a compelling presentation can be the key to success. By integrating our expertly crafted 3D animations into DOK-ING’s presentations and bids, we helped them make a lasting impression on decision-makers. The dynamic visuals allowed potential clients to envision the Komodo’s application within their specific contexts, demonstrating its value and potential impact. This played a crucial role in securing important contracts and forging strategic partnerships for DOK-ING.

Conclusion: The completion of the 3D animation project for DOK-ING’s Komodo exemplifies the prowess of BigPlanetMedia and DD3D Studio in delivering exceptional multimedia solutions. By effectively presenting and explaining the Komodo’s revolutionary features, we showcased its capabilities to the world, establishing DOK-ING as a frontrunner in the realm of robotic military systems. As innovators in the multimedia service industry, we remain committed to empowering our clients with visually captivating and compelling content that leaves a lasting impact.

3D animation of Crowley wind turbine elements transport
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Benefits Of 3D Animation: Look At Crowley’s Offshore Transport

Explaining Wind Energy Transport: BigPlanetMedia and DD3D Studio’s 3D Animation for Crowley

BigPlanetMedia and DD3D Studio are proud to present our latest project for client Crowley. We created a 3D animation that demonstrates the process of shipping and unloading offshore wind turbine elements. This animation allows viewers to see the different tug boats and tugs used for transportation of parts to the location.

The animation was created to help Crowley explain their process of transport and installation of wind turbines in a clear and easy to understand way. The animation also showcases the various options that Crowley offers to their clients for the transport and installation of wind turbines.

3D animation is an important tool for visualizing complex processes and making them accessible to the general public. By using 3D animation, we are able to create an animated video that can be easily understood by anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge.

3D animation of Crowley wind turbine elements transport

Process of animation

The animation also makes use of other advanced technologies like 3D modeling, 3D rendering, and 3D graphics. These technologies allow us to create a highly detailed and realistic representation of the process of shipping and unloading offshore wind turbine elements.

Power of 3D animation

We at BigPlanetMedia and DD3D Studio specialize in industrial animation, engineering animation, and architecture animation. We have a wealth of experience in creating animations that are not just visually impressive, but also informative and educational. Our animation for Crowley is a prime example of the power of 3D animation and technology animation in making complex processes understandable for everyone.

Showcase and explain

In conclusion, the animation produced by BigPlanetMedia and DD3D Studio for client Crowley, is a great example of how 3D animation and technology animation can be used to showcase and explain the process of shipping and unloading offshore wind turbine elements. It helps the viewer to understand the process in a clear and simple way, and also provides a visual representation of the different options that Crowley offers to their clients for transport and installation of wind turbines. We are proud to have been able to help Crowley in this way, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

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3D animation of Intelligent searchlight for boats

We made a 3D animation to show the capabilities and benefits of SEARCHMASTER, a special search light for boats and ships. This technology can find and track objects, vehicles, and people in the water very accurately and quickly. SEARCHMASTER is a helpful tool for any boat or ship because it provides better safety and efficiency during search and rescue operations and other marine tasks. Its tracking system lets the operator easily find and follow any target in sight, which saves time and resources. SEARCHMASTER is also very durable and can be used in rough marine conditions.

Our 3D animation was a huge help for our client’s sales efforts. It was a great tool for explaining their technology to potential clients and for their online and social media marketing. The animation made it easier for people to understand how SEARCHMASTER works and all the benefits it offers. As a result, our client was able to reach a wider audience and showcase their product in a professional and engaging way. The animation was also very effective at highlighting the unique features of SEARCHMASTER and how it stands out from other search lights on the market.

Overall, the 3D animation played a crucial role in helping our client improve their sales and reach their business goals.

Learn more about SEARCHMASTER on their website:

3D modeling, animation, script and video editing done in partnership with DD3D Studio.

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Refrigeration room 3D animation
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Product showcase 3D animation – Refrigeration rooms

Production of 3D animation

We produced 3D animation that shows rage of their refrigeration rooms and possible combinations, addons, modules and customizations. Animation was used by client on trade show and helped them greatly with sales and presentation of their range of products. 

Produced in partnership with DD3D Studio


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Dubai Skyscraper 3D visualization

3D visualization of proposed design for a skyscraper hotel in Dubai

This skyscraper hotel was designed to be quite unique with a huge lit fountain at top of the building where water from it would fall through the sides of the building all the way down to floating gardens and lakes. Quite unique and interesting design and it was fun to bring it to life in this form of 3D visualization.   

Produced in partnership with DD3D Studio