Refrigeration room 3D animation
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Product showcase 3D animation – Refrigeration rooms

Production of 3D animation

We produced 3D animation that shows rage of their refrigeration rooms and possible combinations, addons, modules and customizations. Animation was used by client on trade show and helped them greatly with sales and presentation of their range of products. 

Produced in partnership with DD3D Studio


Categories3D visualization and animation Highlight

Dubai Skyscraper 3D visualization

3D visualization of proposed design for a skyscraper hotel in Dubai

This skyscraper hotel was designed to be quite unique with a huge lit fountain at top of the building where water from it would fall through the sides of the building all the way down to floating gardens and lakes. Quite unique and interesting design and it was fun to bring it to life in this form of 3D visualization.   

Produced in partnership with DD3D Studio

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Boat Life – Lake of the Ozarks website

Brand new video game set on Lake of the Ozarks can’t get a good start without a great website!

We made a fun and informative website for a new upcoming mobile video game set on amazing Lake of the Ozarks! We had a lot of fun making this website, and most interesting part was top page image slider made so that it appears 3D when you scroll it. Fun slider for a fun game! 

Visit Boat Life: Lake of the Ozarks website:

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Traffic4kids website

Augmented reality playing cards that needed a fun and informational website

Traffic4kids are fun and educational set of playing cards for kids, that uses augmented reality mobile app, to make those playing cards interactive and more fun. And to make all that easy to understand and give all important information to users and buyers, we made them fun and cute website that gives all needed information in a single sliding page. Give it a look and we are sure you will love it as well! 
All elements on site have been custom designed and made specifically for this website.

Visit Trafic4kids website:

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Augmented reality Exhibit website

Website for a young artist who makes digital augmented reality art.

To help young artist Martina, to promote her art, we made her slick one-page website that gives visitor great overview about her art, technology used for it and options to download mobile apps that help bring her artwork to life. Visit her website and try out her app and her amazing living augmented reality images! 

Visit AR- Exhibit website: